F.T. Line .21 On Road 

  •    Displacement: 2,10 cc
  •    R.P.M. (max power): 34.200 RPM
  •    Bore x stroke: 13,80 x 14,10 mm
  •    Sleeve: ABC 3 ports
  •    Rear ball bearings: Ceramic
  •    Front ball bearings: Ceramic
  •    Crankshaft: 12,00 mm Turbo
  •    Carburetor: Alluminium Slide Double Adj
  •    Glowplug: Turbo 
  •    Exhaust position: Rear
  •    Fuel type: 16% nitro

F.T. Line have introduced their latest .12 nitro on-road engine. Hand-built, selected and tuned by Italian frontrunner Francesco Tironi, the unit sports front and rear ceramic bearings, a new stronger crankcase with a steel ring added to the rear bearing housing for improved durability and it also features new sleeve and crankshaft phases.